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PCC Trade & Services GmbH is an international trading house headquartered in Duisburg, Germany. As a wholly owned subsidiary of PCC SE, we are also part of the PCC Group, the primary activities of which are in the chemicals manufacturing sector, supplemented by energy generation and distribution, and logistics services. PCC Trade & Services GmbH is the largest trading company in the PCC Group.

We are also the founding entity of the PCC Group: In 1993, Waldemar Preussner, sole shareholder and Chairman of the Supervisory Board of today’s PCC SE, established its predecessor, Petro Carbo Chem Rohstoffhandelsgesellschaft mbH. Our mission as an international trading house for petrochemical, carbon-based and natural gas-related commodities is to harness the opportunities arising in the emerging markets, particularly those of Eastern Europe.

PCC Trade & Services GmbH has control over the entire process chain – developed by ourselves – underpinning our petro- and carbon-based commodity trading activities. Hence we are able to offer our customers the very highest level of service quality.

Through our modern logistics capability, we are able to ensure the smooth handling of deliveries from source to client. The PCC-owned terminal operated by PCC Novobalt Terminal in Kaliningrad, Russia, is equipped with modern facilities to produce accurately screened material in various grain sizes in careful compliance with our customers’ requirements.

The PCC Group also encompasses several logistics and transport companies whose services we use extensively, including the Russian railway company ZAO PCC Rail and the major Polish combined transport logistics service provider PCC Intermodal SA. In addition, we have long-term contracts with shipping companies and terminals in the Baltic region, as well as with terminals located in Germany and the ARAG port area of the Netherlands, for the intermediate storage and transshipment of consignments to customer locations.

PCC Trade & Services GmbH is committed to driving sustainable growth. The management and employees of PCC Trade & Services GmbH strive constantly to ensure the satisfaction of our customers and to open up new customer segments and markets so as to increase the enterprise value of our company.

We are guided by principles such as credibility and reliability; our actions are characterized by customer orientation, a true sense of responsibility, and a commitment to cost efficiency. We see our principles as key in establishing and maintaining a strong, resilient position for PCC Trade & Services GmbH in the global commodity trading marketplace.

We strive to achieve the highest standards of conduct in accordance with basic values that have been introduced and applied across the entire PCC Group:

Basic values and code of ethics of PCC SE

PCC Trade & Services GmbH dominates the commodity trading activities of the Trade & Services segment of PCC SE; it is the largest company in this segment overall. Another trading company, PCC MORAVA – CHEM s.r.o., based in the Czech Republic at Český Těšín, is managed within the same Commodity Trading business unit and is likewise wholly owned by PCC. The Russian port terminal company PCC Novobalt Terminal, Kaliningrad, also belongs to PCC Trade & Services GmbH.

Ulrike Warnecke
Managing Director of PCC Trade & Services GmbH

Ulrike Warnecke is Managing Director of PCC Trade & Services GmbH.

PCC Trade & Services GmbH is presented on a consolidated basis in the financial reports of our Group parent and holding company, PCC SE. These reports are available at  www.pcc.eu/about-pcc/financial-information.

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