The worldwide operating PCC Group is entering the chemical specialities market. With her newly founded subsidiary PCC Specialties GmbH she is presenting at this year’s ECS her innovative developments for the first time.

According to our slogan “We make future technology applicable” we offer modern additive and binder systems tailor-made to your applications and requirements.

The new polyurethane dispersions are designed as binders for the formulation of aqueous, solvent-free wood and plastic coatings for hard and flexible substrates. They are equally applicable for textile and leather coatings showing very good chemical and weather resistance. The coatings with PCC Specialties’ PU dispersions dry fast and are durable. Their quality matches the properties of solvent based systems.

A new breed of polymeric wetting and dispersing agents for aqueous systems completes the offers. They are designed to work as universal dispersants for inorganic and organic pigments as well as for aqueous pigment concentrates with high colour strength. They reduce viscosity and improve hiding power. A higher pigment concentration can be formulated with the PCC Specialties’ wetting and dispersing agents.

PCC Specialties GmbH
DE – Kamp-Lintfort
Booth ECS: 4-260